Hanley Center and Caron Treatment Centers Unite

Two of the nation’s leading non-profit addiction treatment providers combine to become a unified center of excellence in addiction treatment

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (July 2, 2012) - Caron Treatment Centers and Hanley Center announced today that they have combined their operations. The two organizations have been operating together for nearly a year with the combination now becoming official. As a result of this unification of industry leaders, Caron becomes the largest and most comprehensive non-profit addiction treatment provider in the country when measured by treatment services revenue. With the collective resources of Hanley Center and Caron Treatment Centers, coupled with the past year of working together, major plans have been developed for the expansion of the Hanley Center facilities and programs in West Palm Beach, Fla., including the addition of programs for adolescents and young adults.

“We have always had a profound respect for Hanley Center’s approach to advancing the field of addiction treatment. By combining our collective experience as renowned non-profit healthcare organizations we will now be able to provide even broader evidence-based treatment to individuals and families,” said Doug Tieman, President and CEO of Caron.

Caron and Hanley share a unique history in the treatment field. Both organizations were founded by families seeking to make a difference for others and continue to be firmly rooted in 12-step traditions. Additionally, both are industry pioneers – creating innovative programming that continues to be a step ahead in research, prevention and treatment.

Caron is well known for pioneering addiction treatment that is gender-specific and specialized for adolescents, young adults, families, as well as in instances of relapse. Hanley has forged new ground creating programs focused on baby boomers and senior citizens. Combined, these innovators will now offer the country’s most comprehensive continuum of treatment ranging from adolescence through older adulthood.

“This combination is a logical, strategic step for both organizations,” said Michael Hanley, a Hanley board member who is also the son of the non-profit’s founders, Mary Jane and Jack Hanley. “Like Dick and Catherine Caron, my parents chose to dedicate their lives to sharing with others what they learned through their own journey. Today, we carry on their tremendous legacy by offering the highest level of prevention, treatment and recovery care to addicted individuals and their families.”

Caron and Hanley also share a guiding principle to give back to individuals and communities to the largest extent possible – which amounted to more than $17 million in charity care last year alone. This funding is critical to their mission because individuals and families often need at least 90 days in treatment to secure a strong beginning to their recovery. In addition, the combined Student Assistance Programs (SAP) and prevention programming together reach more than 100,000 students, teachers, and parents each year providing the skills and knowledge necessary to live substance-free lives.

Caron and Hanley also share a mission to conduct research with top medical centers, such as: The University of Pennsylvania, Scripps Florida, University of Texas and the Treatment Research Institute, one of America’s pioneering addiction research organizations, ensuring that the combined organizations are always on the leading edge of patient care.

“Both centers have a track record of staying informed on the leading academic research on addiction,” said David C. Lewis, M.D., Founder of the Brown University Center for Alcohol and Addiction Studies and a member of Caron’s Medical Advisory Board. “The knowledge and insight gained from this exposure empowers them to provide the most advanced and proven addiction treatment in the field.”

Andrew Rothermel, Caron’s Chief Operating Officer, will oversee all Florida operations, including Hanley Center, Gate Lodge, Caron Renaissance and Caron Ocean Drive. He also now serves as Hanley Center CEO and President of Caron’s Florida market.

About Caron Treatment Centers and Hanley Center
Caron Treatment Centers is a nationally recognized non-profit provider of alcohol and drug addiction treatment. With more than 50 years in the field, Caron is one of the oldest and largest organizations offering primary, relapse and longer-term residential treatment for adolescents, young adults and adults, as well as families affected by the disease of addiction. Caron’s treatment is gender separate and gender specific. Caron has extensive experience in the treatment of co-occurring psychological/psychiatric disorders within its patient community. Formerly the Caron Foundation, the acclaimed Caron Treatment Centers network operates residential treatment centers in Wernersville, Pennsylvania, and Dallas, Texas. Caron has regional offices in Boston, Bermuda, New York City, Philadelphia and Washington D.C.

Caron’s Florida region encompasses Hanley Center and Caron Renaissance, a longer-term rehabilitation center in Boca Raton that pioneered the Florida Model of Treatment and the recently opened Caron Ocean Drive, an exclusive program for the discerning professional. Caron Renaissance specializes in dual diagnosis and alternative rehab. It provides a unique transitional therapeutic environment; this allows the individual to gradually assume personal and even professional responsibilities while being supported and clinically monitored throughout this most critical process. Family members also play a critical role in treatment at Caron Renaissance. Hanley Center is headquartered in West Palm Beach, offering a broad spectrum of programs based on the most advanced research in the disease of addiction. From detoxification and medical stabilization to individualized treatment and continuing-care planning, Hanley Center prides itself on offering the most innovative and effective treatment programs designed by professional experts in their respective fields. Unique to the center is the “Hanley Model of Care”, which includes age and gender-specific treatment programs. As part of Hanley Center, Gate Lodge in Vero Beach is the only program of its kind nationally offering a 12-step immersion program with a strong clinical component. Gate Lodge’s model is fully licensed by DCF and the staff includes certified addiction professionals and volunteers from the recovery community who serve as mentors and help each guest outline a solution-based, effective design for living. These tailored programs ensure patients leave with the necessary tools to move forward on their journey of recovery.

For more information about Hanley, please visit: www.hanleycenter.org or follow Hanley on Twitter, @HanleyCenter. For more information about Caron, visit www.caron.org or follow Caron on Twitter, @CaronTreatment.

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