Spiritual Services

Spirituality and spiritual services have always been important components of addictions treatment throughout Caron Treatment Centers.  At Caron Renaissance, we’ve blended the time-honored approach of Caron spirituality with our unique philosophy of fostering community-based involvement for patients.

Caron Renaissance patients come from diverse spiritual and religious backgrounds.  Members of our Spiritual Care staff are trained to address the needs of all faiths, and are respectful of all religious or spiritual beliefs. In addition, we maintain relationships with sanctioned religious leaders of various faiths.  Each Friday these leaders take part in treatment programming where diverse issues relating to spirituality are explored. Patients also have access to local places of worship, and accommodations are available for the needs of patients of every faith.

While Caron Renaissance does not endorse or prescribe any specific ideology or theology, we encourage each patient to clarify and recognize the beliefs and practices that make sense on a personal level. Many of our patients find that they begin to find spirituality through their connections with others in the treatment process, developing positive, adult relationships within the program and the larger community.  Others regain spirituality that their addiction had blocked for years. 

People leave Caron Renaissance with some connection to spirituality, gained through connections with others and the 12-Step process.  This connection enables individuals to rediscover purpose, meaning and dignity in their lives, and to form creative, life-giving, intimate relationships with self, others, the universe and a Higher Power.


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